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Aksijalna podijeljena dvostruka usisna pumpa serije SM

Aksijalna podijeljena dvostruka usisna pumpa serije SM

● Axial split double suction pump
● Između pumpe tipa ležaja
● BB1
● API 610 BB1 pumpa

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Glavni tehnički podaci

● Capacity: 10,000m3/h
● Visina: 180m
● Temperatura: -20-160 ° C


● This series of pumps are widely used in water irrigation, water treatment, petrochemical, power stations, thermal power plants, pipe network pressurization, crude oil (product oil) transportation, seawater desalination and other occasions.

● Pumps can be used in the typical working conditions that include lean liquid pump, the rich liquid pump and the hydraulic turbine in the large-scale ammonia plant, and the pipeline main pump in the crude oil or product oil transportation project.

Konkurentska prednost

● The casing and bearing are designed by axial splitting. The pump inlet and outlet pipes are located in the lower part of the pump body. The pump can be repaired and maintained without disassembling the inlet and outlet pipes.

● Forced lubrication sliding bearings, self-lubricating sliding bearings or rolling bearings can be configured depending on the energy density (P.n).

● The installation of pump is more convenient and the operation is more reliable because of stepped impeller axial positioning structure and reliable impeller locking mode.

● There is a positioning pin between the bearing housing and the pump body. It is not necessary to adjust the pump volume during the secondary installation of the pump, which greatly shortens the pump maintenance and maintenance cycle.