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IHF centrifugalna kemijska pumpa

IHF centrifugalna kemijska pumpa

● IHF centrifugal chemical pump
● Plastična hemijska pumpa

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Glavni tehnički podaci

● Protok: do 400 m3/h, max 1761 GPM
● Napor: 80 m; 410 stopa
● Temperatura: - 20 ° C do +150 ° C; -68 ° F do +302 ° F


● Acid, alkali,
● Salt solution,
● Strong oxidant,
● Organic solvents,
● Corrosive slurries, solvents,
● Hydrocarbons and other strong corrosive medium,
● Ammonia water ion film caustic soda,
● Otpadne vode
● Acid pickling process
● Painting process  
● Textile industry
● Pharmacy and Health
● Electroplating industry
● Prečišćavanje vode sa klorom i otpadnih voda
● Naftna industrija
● Hemijska industrija
● Adding acid process

Konkurentska prednost

Lining process is the Patent technical
● The material is virgin, unfilled lining FEP,therefore it has the following features:
(1) Znatno lakša i pouzdanija kontrola kvaliteta.
(2) Nema smanjenja otpora prožimanju.
(3) Čisti farmaceutski i fini hemijski mediji: nema kontaminacije
● Robust pump casing
Pump casing and cover are made of HT200 iron lined with PFA, PTFE, and the impeller is made by WCB and wrapped by PTFA, PTFE, which enables that this type of centrifugal pump could be widely used in corrosive application and wear well. With ductile cast iron armouring absorbs all the hydraulic and pipeworkforces to DIN/ISO5199/Europump 1979. In contrast to partially or non-armoured plastic pumps, no expansion joints are required. Flange with service-minded through holes to DIN;ANSI,BS;JIS. For flushing system and monitoring device as required, the draining nozzle will be offered (pump housing picture)
● Reliable mechanical seal
Shaft seal is outside seal, stationary seal is alumina ceramic ( 99.9%), rotating seal is PTFE filling material or according to customer request.