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LVT Serie pumpa

LVT Serie pumpa

● Light duty slurry pump
● Pumpa za gnojnicu

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Glavni tehnički podaci

● Wet parts in material silicon carbide (SiC) ceramic.
● 3~8 longer lifetime than metal pump.


● Rudarstvo
● Elektrana
● Željezara
● Metalurgija

Konkurentska prednost

● All the wet parts are made of resin bonded SiC material, which is resistant to abrasion and    corrosion, and has a long service life.
● The wet parts can be adjusted in the axial direction to keep the pump working at high efficiency.
● There is a cone gap between impeller and casing, which helps to stop the particle get into shaft seal, increasing the service life of shaft seal.
● The rigidity shaft is mounted with roller bearing and centripetal thrust bearing that can stand large radial force and keep shaft working stably.